Portion Control 101

people-eating-pizza-7185744Food temptations are all around us, and if you have eaten in a restaurant lately, you are aware of the huge portions that are served. Sure, you can pack some up for another day, but too often you just keep eating because your favorite dish tastes so good. Eating too much, whether at home or somewhere else, can lead to weight gain, as well as contributing to health problems such as diabetes.

Don’t be discouraged. You can still eat your favorite foods, and by following these 3 tips for Portion Control 101, you won’t even feel deprived.

Food Labels

Learn to read the food labels on the items you buy at the store. Pay strict attention to the serving size. A bag of potato chips that you could eat in 15 minutes during a football game, is often designed to serve 8 people. Your goal is to eat one serving.

Measuring Cups/Spoons

Unless you’re Rachael Ray and can “eyeball” how much a serving consists of, measure out your portions. It’s too easy to overestimate when you’re eating a smaller serving such 1/4 or 1/2 cup. Once you’re used to doing this for awhile, you won’t have to be so precise.

Walk Away

Once you have finished eating, walk away. Don’t hang around to lick the bowl or beaters, take just one more spoonful, or scrape scraps from the baking dish. Put any leftovers away immediately so you are not tempted.