Why People Don’t Change Careers

woman phoningThere are many reasons for wanting to change careers. A long commute, bad boss, and annoying co-workers can make any job more stressful than it needs to be. As enticing as a new career may seem, many people choose to stay in that same job that they hate, rather than risk trying something new.

Here are 3 reasons why people don’t change careers:

Too Much Time

Changing careers may involve learning a whole new set of skills, and that would take too much time away from things that you would rather be doing. After a hectic day at work, you may just want to numb your feelings with video games, surfing the net, or watching the next unlucky couple get booted off the dance floor on Dancing With the Stars.

Too Much Money

Another reason why people don’t change careers is that it costs too much money. Working at a job you love may require working your way up the salary ladder again, or you may need to pay for additional training. These extra costs may mean postponing that family vacation, or cutting down on eating away from home.

Too Much Fear

What if the new career didn’t work out and you ended up broke and out on the street? You may look foolish in front of your friends and neighbors and wish you had your old job back. Many people are not willing to take that chance.


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