Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is that safe place within us where we can predict the way that things will happen, and there is less chance of failure and looking foolish in front of other people. For you it might be giving a speech, meeting a new customer, or starting a new job. However, if you want to improve your life and experience personal growth, getting out of your comfort zone is essential.

Here are three tips to make getting out of your comfort zone a more enjoyable experience:

Start Slow

When you attempt to tackle your fears, the task can seem overwhelming. Take small steps. If you’re giving a speech, practice by yourself first, and then practice with a friend who can give you helpful feedback. You’ll be less nervous when the day finally comes to give your speech for real.


Part of your fear of getting out of your comfort zone can stem from a lack of knowledge. Read books or blogs about people who have succeeded at what you are trying to accomplish. What methods did they use? What feelings did they have to overcome? Knowing that others have succeeded in spite of their fears will give you the courage to step out and accomplish your goal.

Make It Fun

Getting out of your comfort zone can be fun and exciting. Think back over your life and remember other times that you were afraid to try something, but you did it anyway. After you reached your goal, you felt so proud of yourself, and enjoyed having that new experience.


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