3 Smart Tips for Eating Out

cook serving lunchAfter a hard day at the office, or if you’re just in the mood to treat yourself, eating out sounds a lot better than slaving over a hot stove and washing a mound of dishes. Unfortunately, if you’re watching your weight, eating the large portions that a restaurant serves can derail your diet.

Here are 3 smart tips for eating out that will give you maximum enjoyment and allow you to stay on track:

Avoid the Buffet

The buffet is a food lover’s paradise. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, and hot bread and butter are just a few of the many delicacies waiting for your indulgence. My personal favorite are the desserts, and who doesn’t like a chocolate fountain that you can dip in everything you can get your hands on? Despite your best intentions, it is hard to eat in moderation, so save the buffet for holidays and special occasions.

Mix It Up

Scan your menu for new dishes to try. Many restaurants are jumping on the nutrition bandwagon and rolling out lighter options. The Cheesecake Factory has a new SkinnyLicious menu with dishes such as chicken enchiladas, turkey burgers, and grilled salmon.

Share The Joy

You may have a favorite dish at a particular restaurant, and that is what you want to order. Instead of biting the bullet and overindulging, share with someone at your table. If you’re dining alone, pack up half for lunch tomorrow, and you can enjoy the taste all over again.

By following these 3 smart tips for eating out, you’ll please your taste buds and still be on track with your diet program.


Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is that safe place within us where we can predict the way that things will happen, and there is less chance of failure and looking foolish in front of other people. For you it might be giving a speech, meeting a new customer, or starting a new job. However, if you want to improve your life and experience personal growth, getting out of your comfort zone is essential.

Here are three tips to make getting out of your comfort zone a more enjoyable experience:

Start Slow

When you attempt to tackle your fears, the task can seem overwhelming. Take small steps. If you’re giving a speech, practice by yourself first, and then practice with a friend who can give you helpful feedback. You’ll be less nervous when the day finally comes to give your speech for real.


Part of your fear of getting out of your comfort zone can stem from a lack of knowledge. Read books or blogs about people who have succeeded at what you are trying to accomplish. What methods did they use? What feelings did they have to overcome? Knowing that others have succeeded in spite of their fears will give you the courage to step out and accomplish your goal.

Make It Fun

Getting out of your comfort zone can be fun and exciting. Think back over your life and remember other times that you were afraid to try something, but you did it anyway. After you reached your goal, you felt so proud of yourself, and enjoyed having that new experience.

Sneaky Ways to Exercise More

??????????????????????????????????????Ladies, as we get older, we need to increase our exercise just to maintain a healthy weight. Since most of us lead busy lives with work, taking care of children, and managing a home, it’s not always easy to find time to hit the gym. It’s time to get creative. By following these sneaky ways to exercise more, you’ll look and feel your best.

Start Early

Once you’re out of bed, lace up your walking shoes. While the family is getting ready to face the day, start walking up and down the hall. If the children wake up, have them walk with you. What kid doesn’t need to burn off some nervous energy?

Use Every Venue

Trips to the grocery store, mall, or doctor’s office all provide sneaky ways to exercise more. Go down each aisle at the grocery store, even if what you’re buying is at the checkout counter. Park further away from the door to get even more steps.

Walking around the mall with a friend lets you browse in all the shops, while getting in your daily quotient of exercise. It’s also a fun way to get in some people watching.

Most doctor’s offices have a good sized parking lot. Arrive a little early, and take a few laps around the parking lot. If the office is not on the first floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

As you follow these sneaky ways to exercise more, you’ll not only look and feel better, but you’ll still have time to do the things that you enjoy.

Writing Down Your Goals

A goal is something that you desire in your life, that you are willing to take action in order to reach. Your goal may be to get a better job, lose weight, go back to school, or start a family. Your chances of success will be greater if you write down your goals. Here are 3 reasons why writing down your goals is so important:

Shows Commitment

Writing down your goals shows you are serious and that these goals are important to you. There may be obstacles that stand in your way, but you are willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Provides Clarity

Writing down your goals allows you to get very specific about what your goals are, how you’re going to reach them, and what timetable is involved. Who do you need to talk to? What action steps do you need to take?

Tracks Progress

Working towards your goals can be hard work, and you may feel discouraged and ready to give up. Reviewing your written goals can help you see how far you have come and what still needs to be done. Each step of progress is a reason to celebrate. Yes, it may be slow, but you are on the right path.

So get started today and get those goals on paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you can always refine your goals along the way.