Happy 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July! Does anyone know why July 4th is a significant day in history? July 4, 1776 was the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress, and the United States was declared independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain. What a day to celebrate!

Too often we take our freedom for granted. We have running water, a warm place to call home, and the freedom to express our opinions on any subject. In many parts of the world, people don’t even have these basic necessities, and speaking out can result in a swift trip to the jailhouse, never to be seen again.

What I find equally exciting is the freedom to create the life of your dreams. You have something unique and special to contribute to the world, so if you have a dream, go after it, and don’t let anything or anyone stop you. This is an area where it is invaluable to have the guidance and support of a life coach, to help you over the rough spots. I would be honored to take this journey with you.

Once again, Happy 4th of July. Spend the day relaxing, eating good food, and enjoying friends and family. It’s great to live in the land of the free.


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