Midlife Ladies: Positive Body Image

Let’s face it ladies, we may not be able to still rock the bikini bod, and we may be a little fuller in the hips and waist. As if these changes were not enough to make us feel self-conscious about our bodies, we’re constantly being exposed to the media hype about how the movie stars and models wear a size zero and are in constant demand. I read an interesting article in the Huffington Post that detailed how models are staying thin by eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice. This kind of behavior is unhealthy at any age.

It’s time to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative with these helpful tips:

Celebrate Your Body

Learn to appreciate what your body does for you. Your body allows you to walk, run, laugh, dream, and dance. When you review these amazing things, it’s a reason to celebrate, not get down on yourself.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Work with your body by wearing clothes that fit well and flatter your shape. When you’re comfortable you feel better about your self, which leads to a more positive body image.

Get in Front of a Mirror

When you see your reflection in the mirror, don’t focus on specific body parts. See yourself as others see you,as a whole person.


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